Happy Chinese New Year 2014 with My Homemade Chicken Roasted


Special for this year 2014, I made 2 Chicken Roasted for family dinner on the day before Chinese New Year. My family are so happy & eat up my Chicken Roasted.


As you can see on our table dinner, for this special event, my mom could cook 11 menu, all by herself. What a wonderful mom ever. Mom, you are the best mom in the world!

The List Menu as following :

  1. Kacang polong ( Green Peas ) with ati ampla (Chicken Lever Gizzard)
  2. Pak Cham Khee ( Steaming Chicken )
  3. SamCan
  4. 7 rupa sayur ( 7 kind vegetables )
  5. Fried Mee Soa
  6. Fish Ball
  7. Chicken Curry
  8. Hai Som ( Sea Cucumber )
  9. Fried Chicken
  10. Fried Hei Keng ( Shrimp )
  11. Balacan Sambal
  12. Chicken Roasted –> at least my homemade not my mom, hehehe

what a wonderful dinner !


duo hei keng & fried chicken


Fried Mee Soa ( Chinese Noodle ) means long live, is a must on Chinese Ceremony


My homemade Chicken Ballotine aka Chicken Roasted


Big Family Gathering…say cheese…



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